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Landlordship is a term that comes with a lot of baggage these days for a pile of good reasons. Slum lords give everyone that wants to offer housing to tenants a bad name and their actions throughout history created an imbalance of power and bad living conditions. 

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Tenants should not have to fight for basic protections and a clean place to live while people profiteer through their suffering. Landlords should enter into tenancy agreements that are mutually beneficial and encourage the tenant to report issues as they happen, so they are fixed immediately. When maintenance issues are ignored the problem grows larger and larger until major repairs are required that could cost tens of thousands of dollars while a landlord has to pay for a tenant to be housed off-site. Everyone loses in that scenario.

Green Energy Programs 

It’s about making the property better every day you own it while asking the tenants to help you do the same. We have discovered amazing tax maneuvers through cost segregation and green energy programs that can make your return on investment and improvements to the property a financial windfall. We are happy to help you look at your investment in a way that helps your tenants live a happier life while you make more money. 

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